C. Cramer & Co. (CCC) is one of the oldest German weavers of industrial fabrics. Together with  Engineered Cramer Composites (ECC) and C. Cramer Inc. , our family run business offers a wide variety of products with more than 2000 different fabrics. Over more than seven decades, Cramer has become well known as an innovation leader as well as a reliable partner in the world of high tech textiles. Our customized solutions are applied in various industries across the globe.

Specialties are our business – for every technical challenge there is a textile solution.

Heek-Nienborg, NRW, Germany

Dover, New Hampshire, USA

  • 270 Employees in Germany
  • 45  Employees in the US


       Forward thinking since 1947


  • ISO 9001 since 1997


Supplying customers 
in more than 50 countries around the globe